Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Despite Lawyers' Protests Levi Aron’s Trial Will Take Place in Brooklyn

Despite the protests of Levi Aron’s lawyers, the court decided on Tuesday to allow the accused murderer of the eight year old Leiby Kletzky of Boro Park to be conducted in Brooklyn.

Aron’s lawyers tried to move the trial venue to the Bronx or Suffolk County, complaining that the enormous media coverage and “propaganda campaign” orchestrated by District Attorney Charles Hynes along with the police department, had caused any prospective jurors from the area to be biased towards their client.

“The DA’s office and the police have fallen all over themselves to poison the public’s mind against the defendant,” said Howard Greenberg, one of Aron’s lawyers. “I wanted to try this case in Brooklyn in front of 12 fiercely independent jurors.”

Aron’s lawyers contend that Aron is crazy and that the confession which Aron, a Kensington resident, scrawled on a piece of paper was forced from him shortly after he was arrested in July.

Pretrial motions will take place on December 21st with the defendant appearing in court, but the trial itself, including the opening arguments are not scheduled to begin until early in 2012.

Levi Aron is accused of kidnapping, killing and then butchering the eight-year-old Hasidic Brooklyn boy in July.