Thursday, November 3, 2011

Blind Man Saves Himself After Tumbling Onto Train Tracks

An as yet unidentified blind man, was standing on the subway platform at the Church Avenue/McDonald Avenue Station in the Kensington section of Brooklyn, when he stepped off the platform as the G train was approaching the station.

Witnesses said the man, appearing to be in his 60s, believed the train had already arrived at the station and thought he was about to enter it, when he mistakenly stepped off the platform instead. With only seconds to spare, the man rolled away from the oncoming train and found a space under the platform to escape the train’s crushing wheels.

The incident happened at about 7am on Tuesday. Soon after the man was pulled back onto the platform by emergency responders, where witnesses noticed that the man seemed to be doing fine. He was then taken to Maimonides Medical Center, but his condition has not yet been disclosed.

One man who saw the accident, a construction worker said, “I am sure he was scared out of his mind. But I do not think he had even a cut or a bruise. He is extremely lucky.”