Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last Week’s Record Rainfall Creates Mosquito Breeding Grounds throughout Brooklyn

Kensington, the rest of Brooklyn, and all other boroughs have become a choice breeding ground for mosquitoes this summer, especially in the wake of last week’s record-breaking rainfall in New York.

Added to the unpleasantness and nuisance of buzzing and biting mosquitoes is the fear that West Nile virus is also being carried by the pesky creatures. The health department has been testing for the deadly virus, and has found it in at least 33 city zip codes in every borough excluding Manhattan. In fact, the first such case of the virus was reported last week in a 64-year old woman from Manhattan. She was hospitalized at the beginning of August and is now getting better.

One woman from Kensington, Sharon Levy, revealed that her children were bitten by mosquitoes while visiting her mother in Park Slope. She believes a small kiddie pool was most likely the source of the mosquitoes, which prefer to breed in pools of standing water.