Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kensington Out of Reach? Try Childhood, Brooklyn

Looking for a great place to live, raise your family; and generally enjoy life, but still keeping  a little bit of your hard-earned savings in the bank? Consider what many believe is a more than satisfactory option to the pricey, and increasingly snootier neighborhoods of Kensington and Park Slope; the nearby neighborhood known as Childhood.

Named in honor of the iconic green and crayon-yellow building of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Childhood offers tree-lined streets, Brower Park and of course the museum itself, an easy way for families to pass the day during the hot summer months with their youngins’ in tow in air-conditioned, low-keyed bliss.

Quaint brownstones give the place character while the borders of Nostrand Avenue on the west, Albany Avenue to the east, Eastern Parkway along the south and Atlantic Avenue north surround a diverse and distinct neighborhood which is lacking in many of Brooklyn’s more ‘exclusive’ areas.

According to one Childhood resident the neighborhood is “quiet and it has the park (Brower) so you can come and relax and bring the kids. One child said that Childhood is “fun, the best,” when asked how he liked his neighborhood.

Can’t find something in Kensington at the price you’d like to pay? Look into Childhood. You might be pleasantly surprised.