Monday, March 2, 2009

Kensington Blog State of the Union

Well, it's been a while since our last post. We're really happy with the way the blog and the Facebook group (over 1000 members now!) has been received since we took over and I feel an explanation for the lack action recently is owed to all of you. As I'm sure you've noticed, the economy and all that goes with it is managing to get its grip on everything these days. We're no different. We've found ourselves busy trying to keep a business afloat and draining more energy out of our personal lives and hobbies than it has in the past. I think there's a light at the end of this tunnel though, and we're moving forward in hopes that everything will reach it in strength, including the Kensington Blog. Our business project is progressing and we think we'll be able to get back in the swing of more regular updates soon enough. In the meantime, keep our RSS feed somewhere close and we'll reach out to you when we can. We plan on having a party to celebrate the start of something bigger here, and it looks like that will be this Spring.

If you have some content to share, please keep sending it in. We're still here. We may not be able to write a clever post every morning right now, but we still want to keep things moving, even if it's at slow pace. We hope you'll be patient with us and that you'll share our enthusiasm to get things back in step when the time comes.