Friday, March 6, 2009

Ambrosia out; Zaffran in.

I walk past this place every day, but tonight is the first time I felt comfortable poking my head in the new Zaffran restaurant (located in what used to be Ambrosia). Ambrosia was a pretty nice place considering its location between a 99 cents store and a fish market and I'm really sorry to see it go. Somehow it seems the new restaurant that opened up this week seems to have actually done some sort of reverse renovation and actually made the place look worse, or is that just me? They serve Bangladesh, Indian & Pakistani cuisine for eat-in, takeout and delivery. They claim to have great hours and the prices seem okay. I decided to ask for a menu and was greeted with a smile by the woman closest to the door. The other person, not so much of a smile but the food smelled delicious so I'm willing to give it a shot this weekend. Has anyone actually tried the food at Zaffran yet?

If you're brave enough to order without a menu, the number is 718-686-6517. They're located at 90 Church Ave near McDonald.