Monday, August 4, 2008

23 Caton Place - Any Future?!

Brooklyn developer to face bank in condo default case
Brooklyn developer Moshe Feller is scheduled to face off in court next month against Corus Bank, which filed suit against his Karl Fischer-designed Kensington condominium development about two months after contractors walked off the job. Corus filed suit in June against Caton on the Park, a 107-unit condo building that has sat idle since April 4, when the New York City Department of Buildings issued a stop work order.

As many of you know this development has caused a huge amount of tension in the area. The condos border on the stables and have been built right againest a building on Ocean Pkwy. At this point if the building is not complete what will happen? Here's a commentor from the article: As someone who lives across the street from this shell of a building, I can say this is a pathetic and sad situation. And it's the Kensington community that ends up suffering -- with a block full of debris, a building that looks like a vastly oversized pigeon coop, reduced parking on the block, security concerns and little hope of anything changing anytime soon.