Monday, July 7, 2008

Kensington (DP?) Artist Meet Up

From the In-Box:
local artists meet Tues. July 8 at 7 p.m. @ Connecticut Muffin on Cortelyou

Hi all you creative souls out there!
Local artists who would like to shmooze/network with neighbors who know what they're talking about, come on down !We're abandoning first Monday this month in case people are still wending their way back from holiday frolicing.
Let's move East for a change and meet at Connecticut Muffin (1106Cortelyou)---- lots of room, very tasty looking stuff and an interesting lite menu. Hope to gather in some Beverly Square, PPS and Ditmas Park folks by meeting in their backyard.
Come if you can, some folks may arrive later, very informal, no demerits for late arrivals or here-and-there attendance .Bring samples, current work, small portfolios, suitable for smalltables.
Feel free to bring a topic. I'm wondering if we could borrow someone's block and have a September art & craft sale----small works, some of us do notecards, whatever. I picked up artist's business cards when I saw them at yard sales. Why not all art ?