Thursday, July 31, 2008

Greenwood Playground Events

Friends of Greenwood Playground Events:
Hip Hop class next week FREE at Greenwood Playground. Cynthia King will lead a hip hop class on Weds, Aug 6 at 11am for 4-8 yrs old.

Studio in the School will continue on Tuesdays:
Next Tuesday at 10:00 will be Navajo Sand Painting with Sam Campbell. This class is limited to 10 kids because there is no assistant. (Thanks for understanding although they do need volunteers!)

And Crafts!
Shanise, the Playground associate, is doing crafts on Wednesday and Fridays at 11:00. This Wednesday is hat making and next Wednesday is craft stick bunnies. Come by and meet Shanise.

The Friends of Greenwood Playground are a huge contributor to our neighborhood and they are constantly looking for volunteers and contributors. Connect with a member and become a friend!