Tuesday, January 15, 2008

WT Alliance Focus - Traffic

Yes we understand this was spearheaded by the WT Alliance (kudos to them!) but there is some info here for those troubled by the traffic on Caton Ave.
Brooklyn Neighborhood Tackles Tangle of Traffic Troubles (Brooklyn Eagle)

Caton Avenue Traffic Dangers
Caton Avenue is a stretch of roadway with congestion and speeding vehicles with out-of-sync traffic lights, the survey and speakers noted. There are backups from Caton onto McDonald Avenue, forcing some drivers to seek escape onto side streets where they are often seen speeding. A resident near Canton Avenue added that truck traffic there is not always related to local deliveries.
Suggested solutions include more traffic cops during rush hours, closing the Fort Hamilton Parkway exit from the Prospect Expressway at the same time, and making left-hand turns from McDonald onto Caton illegal.