Thursday, January 21, 2021

Time to...Adopt a Pet!


There has probably never been a better time to bring a pet into your home than now.  With all the lockdowns and the isolation periods people are encountering, a furry friend can make such a difference. Obviously it is important that each household decide for themselves if they can manage the requirements of a pet but for those who think they can, now really is the time.

It turns out also that many Windsor Terrace-Kensington facilities (as well as neighboring ones) are making increased efforts to find homes for dogs, cats etc. And thankfully many willing individuals have delightedly picked some up.  Nationwide people have become more inclined to adopt a pet now; something they kept “putting off until the time was right” in some cases for years.

Some local adoption centers include:

1.       Animal Care Centers of NYC – Brooklyn

2.       Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

3.       Brooklyn Pet Rehoming Services and

4.       Sean Casey Animal Rescue.

Some of these even offer fostering opportunities for those not 100% certain as to what having a pet will completely entail.