Monday, October 12, 2020

When Life Gives You Lemons…

Pre-pandemic you had normalcy in the restaurant business. Pablo Rojas and his partner Roxanna Mejia were both working in their fields; one roasting chickens and the other baking breads in local eateries. Then COVID-19 came and everything went sour. They were determined that they would not follow suit and started going back to their Mexican roots vis-à-vis a culinary tour.

Fast forward (not too many months) to the creation of  Gastronomy Underground.  Featuring Condesa Brunch Sunday, Taco Tuesday, Date Night Friday and so much more the establishment offers free delivery to Central Brooklyn, Downtown, West Brooklyn and South of Prospect Park, with aims to expand in the near future.

And what makes the duo such culinary experts?  They come from different regions in Mexico, broadening the scope and taste of the Mexican cuisine they create.  They want their clients to be able to truly experience the food culture’s diversity which often operate underground and are not known widespread.  There is such a scape between “the newly established fine dining scene [and] the unregulated street stalls.”  And in terms of the actual food the due believe that:

The dichotomy found in Central Mexican Cuisine and the Mexican Northern Kitchen is best embodied in our creative team and delivered right to your home.”

They will also try to combine their Mexican cuisine with other food cultures, fusing the influence of one with the other in an attempt to “redefine the cuisine of a conquered nation and explore its conflicts while also honoring our Pre-hispanic roots and traditions.”