Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mohawk Tavern Changing Name to Something More PC

After  members of the Mohawk Nation complained about the name of a local bar, the owners of that bar have made the decision to change its name.

The bar, which opened up last week, was named quite innocently the Mohawk Tavern after the Mohawk River near Albany, New York, where two of the owners grew up.
Mohawk River
“There was some chatter on the blogs and some members of the Mohawk Nation who lived in the neighborhood were unhappy,” owner Brandon Lenihan said.

Located in Windsor Terrace at Prospect Avenue and Reeve Place, the bar will remain open, but will soon have a new name “in a day or two,” the owners announced. Lenihan added that no matter what the name of the bar will finally be, the public should be aware that they will be serving beers from New York State breweries as well as locally produced wine.

“I am really glad they dropped the name! My uncle was Mohawk — it is 2014, why are we using the name of another culture for a business? I am really relieved to hear about this change and I will be one of the first people to line up for a drink. Glad they did the right thing!” read one comment posted on the local Kensington BK blog, where the name change was first reported.