Monday, February 18, 2013

Kensington to Welcome Branch of Zarsha Leo

Nightlife in Kensington has just been raised by a notch or two with the addition of the trendy, upscale restaurant-bar franchise Zarsha Leo into the neighborhood. Older singles can utter a sigh of relief, as they no longer have to cross a river to enjoy a great night out. Great food, a large selection of wines, local beers, beer on tap and cocktails draw in the crowds, while the big-screen TVs tuned to the most exciting sporting events happening anywhere in the world, keep them there.

Evan Burschkopf is the CEO of this New York-based franchise. He has been experiencing great success with his Manhattan locations, and is expecting no less from Brooklyn.

“I have great faith in my Brooklyn brethren that they will patronize Zarsha Leo to the same extent as their Manhattan cousins. Coming originally from Brooklyn myself, I feel a close connection to my stores here, and hope the locals will get to feel the same way,” confessed Burschkopf.