Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Decoration Stirs Controversy in Brooklyn

Councilman Charles Barron
Halloween is not a holiday known for its respectful, conforming flavor; but for many this year’s Kensington prank went just a little bit too far.

Someone hung an obviously black-skinned scarecrow from a tree in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Kensington this week, bringing to many people’s mind a vision of an old, southern-style lynching.

The tasteless Halloween decoration was brought to the attention of City Councilman Charles Barron. In response he released a statement which said, "The scarecrow is offensive and reprehensible not only to the Black Community, but to all those who have a history of persecution and, or have been victimized by lynch mobs. The perpetrators of this horrific display are only acting out what they conceal in their hearts."

Barron added that not only was the display ‘grotesque’ it was also definitely not ‘cool.’

Barron’s opinion was not shared by everyone, however. One woman, Nicole Clemente, expressed her own feelings about the Halloween prank, "I don't think that that portrays lynching. I mean, it's Halloween, that's part of the Halloween spirit. When I see a jack-o-lantern with a scary face on, I don't get scared and think monsters are going to come get me."

Whatever the consensus on the distinctly original Halloween display, the NYPD took down the scarecrow on the grounds that the tree is city property and the law disallows all forms of decorations or signage to be hung on public property.

The perpetrator of the misdemeanor has not yet been apprehended.