Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Diversity Abounds in Kensington, Brooklyn

Kensington is known as a quiet, verdant area in Brooklyn. It is only one square mile, but packed into that limited area are well over 70,000 residents. Among those residents are several well-established immigrant groups, adding to the neighborhood’s color, interest and wonderful diversity, with the neighborhood's children speaking at least 25 different languages.

Just south of Windsor Terrace, Kensington’s borders are Caton Avenue and Fort Hamilton Parkway on the North, Coney Island Avenue on the East, 18th Avenue on the south, and McDonald Avenue and 36th Street on the west.

Prices of homes are more reasonable in Kensington than in many other nearby Brooklyn neighborhoods. Gentrification is coming to Kensington, but at a much slower pace than in other areas, which should help keep the prices of homes down, while forcing residents to go elsewhere for good restaurants and other forms of entertainment.
Kensington Apartment Building

Among the diverse populations of Kensington is said to be the highest in Brooklyn. In Kensington can be found Bangladeshi and Pakistani residents; with Muslims along the eastern strip with Coney Island Avenue. An ultra-orthodox Hasidic Jewish community lives along the southern border, next to Borough Park.  The main shopping is on Church Avenue, but there are many other streets with smaller commercial areas. There is easy access to the subway, which will bring you to Midtown Manhattan in about 45 minutes. Express busses get to town quicker, with a 15 minute commute to Wall Street and about 30 minutes to Midtown.

Considering everything, its nice to call Kensington home.