Saturday, October 30, 2010

Snow Delays Ambulance, Results in Elderly Man’s Death

A 73 year-old Kensington man died while waiting for an ambulance in his Kensington home last Monday, December 27th.

At about 12pm Joel Grossman called 911 and explained to the dispatcher that he was “not feeling well.” The operator took Mr. Grossman’s words to mean that his illness was not life-threatening, and therefore, due to the bad weather and extreme backlog of calls for emergency assistance, and ambulance was not sent immediately.
Mr. Grossman kept in touch with the 911 dispatcher, with at least two additional calls made between them. No ambulance was sent because he said that he “only felt sick.”

Unfortunately Mr. Grossman died in his Ocean Parkway home in Kensington before an ambulance could reach him.