Monday, July 13, 2009

I can haz new home in Kensington?

Okay, so we don't encourage encouraging the strays, but these homeless pets were just too furry to ignore. If you're interested in adopting a kitty or three, checkout the info below.

Jonathan writes:
I recently came across a litter of 3 kittens and took them in. The problem is no, no kill shelters are accepting and I already have 3 cats of my own.

They're about one month old. They haven't been checked out but we're willing to get that done if anyone is interested. The one in the first picture (view here) is a little stand-offish (he was on the street about a week or 2 longer than the other two kittens) He just needs some love forced on him to get him used to human contact, I don't believe he's beyond saving, there is hope with him. He's gotten better since we found him but he's not quite there yet.

The other 2 seen together in the pictures are male (the dark grey) and female (the light grey). They are inseparable and sleep on each other. They are very sweet and if anyone is interested in one of the greys they must take both.. The light grey female is definitely the sweetest one of the bunch and will make a great pet.
Hit the comments section if you're interested in contacting the keeper of the kittens.