Friday, May 22, 2009

Illegal gambling? Now we're talkin'!

The Village Voice ran a blog post today about how the slow economy has lead to a rise in back-alley gambling joints throughout the city. Today we can all be proud to call Kensington a major offender.

From the Village Voice:
And according to the Bangla newspaper Weekly Thikana, increasing numbers of Bengali immigrants are turning to gambling to supplement their income.

In the article translated into English by The New York Community Media Alliance, the paper claims illegal gambling joints have popped up in basements and the backs of grocery stores in Kensington, Brooklyn (also home to some great Bengali food) and various Queens neighborhoods, including Jackson Heights and Ozone Park. (read the whole story)

Being somewhat ignorant of Bangladeshi culture, I'm not sure what their preferred games of chance are, but if it's just guessing coin flips or something maybe I'll head down there and try and make back my rent.