Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Daily News calls Kensington "Best-Value Neighborhood"

The accolades for our little section of Brooklyn continue to roll in. In the recurring "Best of Brooklyn" feature, the News manages to insult Park Slope and compliment Kensington in the same article.

From the NY Daily News:
Called K-Town by some, Kensington combines an urban feel with row-house living. The chess players on Ocean Parkway give the neighborhood a feel distinct from its more upscale neighbors Midwood and Windsor Terrace. You get a lot for your real-estate dollar here. The neighborhood also has its own watchdog. Two friends run www.kensingtonbrooklynblog.com to monitor growth and highlight such things as local authors, new restaurants and real-estate moves. Like any good blog, it doesn’t take itself too seriously while keeping an eye out for what’s what. (read more)
Thanks for the plug! We like to think that the best part of Kensington isn't the bang-for-your-buck real estate, but the wonderful people who walk the streets. Oh, and Shenanigans. Mostly the latter.