Sunday, February 24, 2008

Upcoming Weekend (3/1) Service Changes - F

Can anyone make heads or tails of this? Does this mean we'll have to get off the F at 7th to a shuttle bus then back on at Jay? Or does it just mean the people at the stops affected have to use the shuttle?

Free shuttle buses replace F G trains between Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts and 7 Av
Weekend, Mar 1 – 3, 12:01 AM Sat to 5 AM Mon
How will this affect my trip?
• Transfer between the A F G trains and shuttle buses at Hoyt Schermerhorn Sts
• For service to/from Bergen, Carroll, and Smith-9 Sts transfer between theF G trains and local shuttle bus at Hoyt-Schermerhorn Sts or transfer between F trains and local shuttle bus at 7 Av.
•F trains run between 179 and Jay Sts and then replace theCto Euclid Av; theF also runs from 7 Av to Stillwell Av, southbound and from Stillwell Av to 4 Av, northbound.
• D trains run on the R track between Pacific and 36 Sts.
Best way to Manhattan
Take the F to 4 Av and transfer to a Manhattan-bound D running on thelocal track to West 4 St and transfer back to the F.
Best way to Brooklyn
Take the F to West 4 St and transfer to a Brooklyn-bound D to 4 Av. Transfer to a shuttle bus to 7 Av where F service to Coney Island is available.
Note: Coney Island-bound F trains leaving 7 Av skip 15 St-Prospect Park and Fort Hamilton Pkwy. A shuttle train at 7 Av will serve 15 St-Prospect Park and Fort Hamilton Pkwy, southbound.